Our Quality is Superior

In our business, it can be difficult to differentiate one service provider from another. Below are four ways that our service is superior:

1/ Employment Verification: Performance Driven
Unlike the competition, we extend our research beyond personnel departments. We speak with a candidate’s supervisors. This way, we gather first-hand knowledge of a candidate’s strengths, work ethic, attitude, accomplishments, and areas in need of development.

2/ Interview Process
During the interview process, our reps ask tough, penetrating questions about a candidate. Dataline analyzes not only the answers to these questions but also the quality of the respondent. Answers may range from "no comment" to endorsement, or apprehension to candor. The respondents may range from supervisor to friend to former co-worker. At Dataline, this information is not undervalued: we include it with each Employment Verification report.

3/ Summary of Findings
Each of our reports include a summary page that highlights our findings. Given our extensive experience with employment screening, we can also include --at the client's request -- an opinion as to the viability of any prospective job applicant, based on the information obtained. Most of our competitors do not even offer a summary report of their findings.

4/ Turnaround Time / Updates
Most service providers promise reports within 72 hours. The same is true at Dataline – for our initial report. However, circumstances within that 72-hour period – such as a vacationing supervisor -- might deprive the report of some relevant information. At Dataline, should we subsequently hear from this supervisor, an updated report will be submitted, at no extra charge.

We’re so confident that our service is superior, we offer our prospective clients a free, "live sample" on any given candidate. Contact us today.

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