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We generate long-lasting relationships with our clients. Below are three ways you can save with Dataline:

1. Statewide/Multi-County vs. County Level Criminal Searches
When you select a Statewide/Multi-County criminal record search (the report we recommend), the fee is fixed, so that no matter how many counties within the selected state the applicant has lived, the cost to you is the same. (Most individuals move at least five times in their lifetime.)

2. Employment Verification: Past Employers
When you select an Employment Verification report, the fee is fixed for all employers searched within the applicant’s prior 7-year work history. Our competitors usually charge on a 'per employer' basis. At Dataline, there are no hidden charges if the applicant has more than one prior employer within that timeframe.

3. Program Packages
While we do provide individual reports to our clients, we also offer Program Packages. In addition, we offer customized packages depending on our client's requirements. Our packages make finding the right combination of reports affordable and easy.

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Be suspicious of any service provider if they recommend a County Level criminal record search.




Ask any service provider whether their employment verification fees are billed per employer checked or per applicant.





Be suspicious of any service provider who won't provide you with a free sample of their work.

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